This soup cleared out both produce drawers (and half of a shelf), save for a head of cauliflower that I’m saving for a curry dish and a handful of snow peas.   Nom!

My normally thrifty self  splurged today on this beauty.  Looooooove.

I read online: “Extremely attractive cookware piece can go from your oven or stove to the table effortlessly.”  I’m not so sure about the “effortlessly” part.   It weighs about 10 pounds empty.

I’m seeing a whole lot of one-pot meals in my future.



(Pardon the horrible cell phone photo in a very dark restaurant.)

Yes, that is the name of the salad on the menu.  I opted for the Caribbean Mango dressing on the side, which I probably could have consumed all of right out of the little container, but was less than satisfying on the salad.  I had high expectations for that dressing.

Also, I think it needs to be said that it’s a sad day when salads have to be labeled as “vegetarian”.  Why must most salads be laden with meats and cheeses?   There was even egg and mozzarella cheese listed on the menu for the Vegetarian Salad.   *sigh*

Not. Everything. Needs. Cheese.

A glass of Magic Hat completed the meal.


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Remember, remember the 5th of November

I forgot, forgot the 4th.  I completely forgot to post yesterday.  Until just now.  Oy.

Tonight’s dinner was another Robin Robertson tester.   Another delicious tester.  Even more delicious, apparently, than the other two.  Stick with me… you’ll understand.

Cooking in the pot is a red lentil soup.  In the photo to the left, what I thought was an inordinate amount of spinach is being added (hence the name of the soup).  Of course, Robin is brilliant.  It wasn’t too much.  It was perrrrrfect.

As I was cooking, my son yelled from another room and asked if I was making chili (family favorite).  Ummmm…. sort of? (but not really).   I knew that was a good sign.  Sometimes my kids – even as growing, hungry teenagers – will turn their noses up at dishes that they deem unappetizing, based on how it looks.  So, I figured that if he thought it was chili-like, he would at least try it.

Cooking finished.  Ladled carefully into a bowl.


So when it came time to serve up dinner, I braced myself for a  “That’s not chili!” meltdown.   It never happened.  Phew!  I went with the “Looks like soup, tastes like chili” story.  And stuck to it. It must have worked, because, as you can see in the picture to the right, it’s all. gone.

No leftovers.

No “Whatever.  I’m making pasta/pierogies/mac & cheese /a can of black beans.”  Yes.  A can of black beans is sometimes lunch/dinner/snack  for my daughter.  She did add black beans to the soup.


Whatever works.



Since the rest of my family won’t be home until later, I decided to have an early mini-dinner by myself of leftover soup and a satay sandwich from Monday and Tuesday. Then, because no one was watching, I proceeded to eat the leftover leftovers – the rest of the shredded veggies smothered in the rest of the peanut sauce. (It took all of my will-power to NOT lick the bowl.)

I have no idea what will be for real dinner tonight, but I should probably get crack-a-lackin’.

I think I could eat anything dipped in peanut sauce or with peanut sauce on it.

This is another tester for Robin Robertson.    When I saw this recipe, I really hoped that I would get to test it.   I had just made a triple batch of seitan, and, of course, I love peanut sauce.  As I read through the recipe, I knew it would be terrific.  What I didn’t realize was how simple it was and how quickly it went together.  That’s not to say it was boring and tasted like it was just thrown together.  On the contrary.   The way the flavors all came together made it seem like it was much more difficult than it was.

Layer the ingredients on, in this case, a whole grain tortilla, roll it up, and tuck in.  Wipe the oozy, delicious peanut sauce from your chin and fingers.  Then, repeat.


Happy Vegan MoFo!!  Happy World Vegan Day!!

I was recently chosen to test recipes for Robin Robertson’s new cookbook!  wOOt!!  I LOVE recipe testing!  A bunch of my MoFo posts this year – this post included – will be recipes that I am testing, so obviously recipes cannot be shared.  (Sorry!)

This soup, albeit a bit spicy, was unbelievably delicious.  It reminds me of, and comes in at a close second to, my favorite pre-veg*n hot and sour soup.  Unfortunately, there are no local restaurants that make a veggie H&S soup, so it’s been a few years since I have had it.  Robin’s recipes never disappoint, and this one was no different.